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Facelift Singapore: Natural Face Lift Without Surgery


Non-surgical face lifts have grown in popularity in Singapore, mainly due to the fact that these non-surgical alternatives can produce more natural-looking outcomes than standard facelifts. Depending on the type of non-surgical facelift, it uses our natural structure to revitalize the skin for a young appearance without affecting the natural form. 

Non-surgical face lift is a great alternative to surgery if you want a more natural way to achieve younger-looking skin. The treatment itself is painless and inexpensive compared with surgical facelifts.

What Is a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

A non-surgical face lift is a procedure that tightens and lifts the skin on the face without the need for surgery.

There are a number of different procedures that can be used for a non-surgical face lift, including ultherapy and HIFU, filler injections, botulinum toxin A injection (Dermalift) and collagen filler injections such as Ellanse and Radiesse. 

At SOL Aesthetics Medical Clinic, we use multiple treatment modalities for face lifting. The choice of treatments depends on multiple factors such as the severity of sagging, age, skin type and facial anatomical structure. Our doctor will assess your face to determine the right treatments for you.

Some treatments may give quicker results, such as botulinum toxin A (Dysport, Botox, Xeomin) dermalift and filler injection. Some may show gradual and progressive improvements, such as Ultherapy and collagen filler injection.

The benefits of non-surgical facelift

Non-surgical facelift treatments are usually quick procedures that can be done in a clinic setting.

The downtime is minimal. You can resume work and daily activities almost immediately.

They are safe with low risks of complications and scarring.

Besides, non-surgical face lift such as dermalift (with botulinum toxin A) and Ultherapy also benefit you in other ways.

  • Tighten facial skin

  • V-lifted face

  • Defined jawline

  • Natural eyebrow lifting

  • Improved fine wrinkles

Cost of Non-Surgical Facelift in Singapore

The cost of non-surgical Facelift in Singapore ranges from $600 – $3000 depending on the type of treatments require. Treatments are tailored to individual’s skin condition and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Face Lift

Non-surgical facelift is suitable for mild to moderate face sagging and skin laxity. Effective non-surgical facelift treatments in Singapore comprise energy based device treatments such as Ultherapy and HIFU, and injectable treatments such as filler, collagen filler and dermalift.

Filler facelift results typically last for approximately 9-12 months, after which treatment can be repeated to enhance the lift further and to maintain.

Non-surgical facelift has minimal pain and downtime. They can usually be performed in the clinic within a relatively short duration, hence sometimes known as “lunchtime lift”. Patients can usually resume work and daily activities almost immediately. In addition, the risks involved are much less than surgical face lift.

However, non-surgical facelift treatments are not suitable for patients with severe face sagging because they may not achieve the results that patients desire.

Depending on the types of procedures required, non-surgical facelift treatments’ cost ranges from $600 – $3000. For example, filler is about $800 and Ultherapy is about $3000.

If you suffer from mild to moderate skin sagging and laxity, non-surgical facelift procedures may be suitable for you. Your doctor will need to assess your skin and your expectations in order to advise you appropriately.

Common side effects are mild redness, swelling and bruising which typically resolve within a hours to a few days. More severe side effects such as infection and scarring are very rare. 

If you have more severe skin sagging, non-surgical facelift may not be able to achieve your desired results.

This will depend on the procedures you require. For example, filler lift lasts for about 9-12 months and Ultherapy lasts for about 1 year.

Pre-treatment Consultation

We advise patients to have a consultation session with our doctor before starting their Dysport Facelift treatment.

You can make your appointment here.

*Disclaimer: The content provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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