Benefits, Pros & Cons and Cost of Hydrafacial Treatment

Hydrafacial is not just a facial. It is a revolutionary multi-step treatment designed for a quick and effective facial rejuvenation. We use the original Hydrafacial Elite, the latest Hydrafacial equipment available in Singapore and other parts of the world. Hydrafacial treatment consists of four distinctive treatment steps for facial rejuvenation, all of which can be completed within 30 to 45 minutes. It is one of the most time and cost-effective medical-grade facials in Singapore.

Hydrafacial Elite

How does Hydrafacial Work?

Hydrafacial uses a unique patented vortex technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate efficiently. It helps rejuvenate the skin by using 3 major actions.

The vortex suction tip of the Hydrafacial device helps gently exfoliate dead skin from the skin surface. It also removes excess sebum, debris, and makeup that clog up the pores and skin. This not only results in new skin resurfacing but also allows Hydrafacial serum applied during the treatment to penetrate deeper into the skin for additional hydration and rejuvenation.

Following this, a mild chemical peel serum is applied the same way, with the vortex tip, to further exfoliate the skin in a safe and effective manner. This allows further absorption of serum into the deep skin layer.
Finally, using a pressurized delivery system in a Hydrafacial device, hydrating and nutritious serums are delivered into the skin, customized to individual skin conditions.

What is Hydrafacial treatment like?

Hydrafacial treatment involves multiple steps aimed to improve the overall skin quality. It consists mainly of 4 treatment steps:

Cleanse and exfoliation – This removes dead skin cells and debris from the skin, stimulating new skin growth.

Chemical peel infusion – This stimulates gentle skin resurfacing and collagen production, accelerating skin turnover.

Extract and hydrate – This is an extraction done using the patented Hydrafacial vortex tip, removing unwanted debris from clogged pores and skin. It is done concurrently with the presence of hydrating Hydrafacial serum.

Vortex Fusion and Protection – Finally, delivery of hydrating Hydrafacial serum rich in antioxidants and peptides to the skin to maximize the skin rejuvenation effect.

What are the benefits of Hydrafacial treatment?

Hydrafacial in Singapore provides multiple benefits in 1 single session. The treatment outcome is consistent and replicable. It is not therapist-dependent, unlike traditional manual facial treatment. Therefore, you will experience consistent skin improvement each time after Hydrafacial treatment.

Hydrafacial treatment addresses multiple skin concerns:

Improves skin hydration
Improves oily and congested skin
Improves acne and acne-prone skin
Improves overall skin tone and skin texture
Reduces blemishes and pigments
Improves wrinkles and lines
Reduces skin sensitivity

What about downtime?

Hydrafacial treatment is completely painless with no downtime. Mild redness is expected immediately after treatment, which usually resolves within 1 day. One can resume daily activity immediately after the treatment.

Hydrafacial in Singapore is a safe and reliable treatment with minimal risks. You can resume your daily task immediately after treatment.

Why Hydrafacial?

Hydrafacial Elite is one of the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments in Singapore due to many reasons:

Able to address multiple skin concerns.
Predictable and consistent results.
Suitable for all skin types.
No pain, no downtime.
Customizable for every individual.
Time and cost-effectiveness.
Comfortable and enjoyable.

Cost of Hydrafacial Treatment

In Singapore, the cost of Hydrafacial ranges from $100 – $400. The cost of Hydrafacial treatment at SOL Aesthetics Medical Clinic is approximate $180 – $350.

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*Disclaimer: The content provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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