Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss is such a widespread problem that nearly everyone will experience it at some point in their lives. Androgenetic alopecia, or Male Pattern Hair Loss, is the most common cause of hair loss and thinning.

Male Pattern Hair Loss affects roughly 70% of males and 40% of women. Some hair growth treatments may give unsatisfactory results, but Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment is the ultimate solution. 

Regenera Activa targets Male Pattern Hair Loss with innovative capillary regenerating technology. This treatment utilises your own hair, which contains cells that aid in the activation of follicles in the area of hair thinning and hair loss. In other words, it stimulates a hair regenerating process in your body, allowing it to grow new hair.

Benefits of Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment

  1. Clinically proven 
  2. No downtime 
  3. No risk
  4. Cost effective
  5. Time effective

Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment Process

One Regenera Activa session takes about 30 to 45 minutes, with three steps to complete the procedure: 

Step 1

A local anaesthetic (painkiller) is administered around the back of the scalp, where healthy hair follicles and cells are located. Then, tthe scalp skin is then scraped for three tiny samples (each measuring 2.5mm in diameter). 

Step 2: 

The Regenera Activa gadget processes the gathered samples. This method will isolate cells with significant regeneration capacities from the samples.

Step 3:

The solution containing these cells is then injected with tiny needles into the scalp area that is experiencing hair loss and thinning. This will kickstart and stimulate the hair follicle regeneration process.

This therapy aids in the restoration of the hair’s natural cycle. Hair loss is reduced first, followed by an increase in the density and thickness of remaining hair. Over the next six months, new hair growth is expected.

Regenera Activa Hair Loss Treatment Downtime, Side Effects, Risks

During the Regenera Activa Treatment, patients might experience a certain degree of discomfort. It will take about a week for tiny incisions on sampling locations to heal.

Pre-treatment Consultation

We advise patients to have a consultation session with our doctor to examine your hair loss condition. 

You can make your appointment here.

*Disclaimer: The content provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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