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Polynucleotide (PN) treatment, such as Rejuran , Rejuran Healer or 婴儿针, is a skin healing and anti-aging treatment originated from South Korea. Polynucleotide (PN) is an enhanced version of Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). Due to its highly efficient skin healing and rejuvenation characteristics, it is frequently used as an skin repair and anti-ageing treatment.

Polynucleotide such as Rejuran improves the physiological conditions of your deep skin tissues, so your skin’s health can improve organically. This is accomplished by delivering Polynucleotide directly to the inner skin layer (dermis layer).

What is Polynucleotide (PN)?

A polynucleotide molecule is a biopolymer made up of 13 or more nucleotide monomers linked together by covalent bonds. Salmon DNA fragments are the main component, as it is thought to be compatible with human DNA.

The wound healing and anti-inflammatory function of PN makes it an ideal ingredient for skin repair and rejuvenation. Proven by numerous studies, PN helps with wound healing and skin repair. These compounds have been shown to trigger long-term skin regeneration from inside the inner skin layer. They work to enhance skin quality and health, and repair damage caused by damaging UV radiation, ageing and other environmental factors.

PN helps to maintain skin physiological function by assisting in the regeneration of various essential autologous components of the skin, such as glycosaminoglycan, proteins and glycoproteins.

Rejuran Singapore


Polynucleotide vs Skin Booster vs Skin Bio-Remodelling
Facts about various skin rejuvenation injectables treatments


Skin Bio-remodelling such as Profhilo

Skin Booster such as Teosyal Redensity I and Restylane skin booster

Polynucleotide such as Rejuran



Various countries



High concentration Hyaluronic acid

Low concentration Hyaluronic acid

Polynucleotide (PN)

Injection technique

5-point injection on each side

Multiple micro injections

Multiple micro injections

Treatment regime 

2 treatments (1 month apart), followed by once every 6 months.

3-4 treatments (1 month apart), followed by once every 4-6 months

3-4 treatments (1 month apart), followed by once every 4-6 months


Skin hydration

Skin lifting

Collagen and elastin

Skin hydration

Skin repair



Pain level (0-10), based on patients’ feedback



Most skin boosters contain painkiller



2-3 days







Dry skin

Skin sagging

Overall skin ageing

Dry skin

Damaged skin (acne, sun damage, ageing)

Who is Suitable for Having Polynucleotide Treatment?

Anyone who wishes to improve their face and neck skin quality are suitable to receive this treatment. In particular, individuals with damaged skin related to sun, ageing or acne and acne scars will benefit from this procedure.

Benefits of the Treatment

PN such as Rejuran offers numerous benefits for your skin.

  • Improves skin elasticity and texture 
  • Stimulates skin collagen production 
  • Improves sensitive skin
  • Improves inflammatory skin condition such as acne and eczema
  • Improves pores and acne scars
  • Balances oil and skin moisture
  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases thickness and density of the inner skin (dermis)
  • Improves overall skin health

Rejuran Singapore

How Is the Treatment Done?

PN treatment takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Prior to the treatment, numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort. PN is then being delivered with a series of tiny injections either with manual injection or machine injection.

Treatment regime is as such:

3 to 4 treatments (2-4 weeks between each treatment) initially, followed by one treatment every 3-4 months.

Downtime and Risks

PN is a skin-friendly product. Safety of the treatment is well established. 

You will have some needle marks, redness, and bruises just after treatment. These will resolve in about 2-3 days.

Polynucleotide Cost in Singapore

PN such as Rejuran cost ranges from $300 – $800 in Singapore.

At SOL Aesthetics Medical Clinic, cost is $400 – $600. You may contact us for pricing details. 

Pre-treatment Consultation

We advise patients to have a diagnosis and consultaion session with our doctor before undergoing a this treatment. Our doctor will discuss in-depth regarding your skin condition and a suitable regime. 

You can make your appointment here.

*Disclaimer: The content provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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