Polynucleotide Treatment for Scars

Polynucleotide (PN) is a well known skin rejuvenation treatment from South Korea that involves injecting polynucleotide (PN) into the skin dermis layer for skin repair and collagen building. Its popularity has led to the invention of PN such as Rejuran S (Scar), a product designed specifically for treating depressed scars on the skin. 


An example of Polynucleotide for scar, Rejuran S in Singapore

How Does PN for Scars Work?

PN for scars, such as Rejuran S, contains polymeric nucleotides extracted from salmon DNA. These highly purified long chain polynucleotides have high viscoelasticity and water-binding capacity which helps with skin repair and texture improvement.

Compared to the classic PN Rejuran, Rejuran S has higher viscosity which makes it an ideal product for treatment for scars. When injected at the scars, PN can help plump up depressed scars that are resistant to laser treatments. At the same time, the healing and repair function of PN help with collagen regeneration and new skin formation around the treated area, resulting in improvement of the appearance of scars.

Rejuran S Singapore

What Are Depressed Scars?

There are several types of depressed scars such as ice pick scars, rolling scars and boxcar scars. These scars usually result from severe acne. 

Acne scars appear when the skin becomes inflammed with cystic acne. As the swelling subsides, the skin attempts to heal itself by manufacturing collagen to replace the damaged cells. Certain new collagen might create twisted bands in the skin, causing shape change and downward pull of the skin, resulting in a deep depressed scar.

How Is It Done?

Numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment. After adequate numbing, subcision is done before PN such as rejuran S is injected beneath the scar. The subcision cuts down aberrant collagen and scar tissue, allowing PN to act in the area and boosting normal collagen and skin healing. 

To achieve a visible and long-lasting result, at least three treatments are normally required.

Rejuran S Singapore

Downtime and Safety

You will expect to see swelling, redness, skin lumpiness and bruising immediately after PN treatment. These will subside within within 1 week. 

Safety of PN treatment is well established. It has been widely performed around the world.

Cost of PN for Scars in Singapore

The cost of PN such as Rejuran S in Singapore ranges from $300 to $700.

At SOL Aesthetics Medical Clinic, cost of is approximately $400 to $600.

Pre-treatment Consultation

We advise patients to have a consultancy session with our doctor before receiving such treatment. Our doctor will examine your acne scar condition and determine your treatment regime. 

You can make your appointment here.

*Disclaimer: The content provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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